Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Three Epcot!

UPDATE: I remembered something I wanted to add but I wanted it to be in order of our day so scroll down and read if you like.

February 20,2010

Epcot! This morning we got to Epcot soon after opening. The first stop there is pretty obvious. A photo with "the big ball".

You can see Silas holding his tractor from the Cars movie and Clara sporting her Minnie Mouse shirt. Those were the souvineirs I had left on the couch at the cabin the day before so they would find them when we returned in the evening. Cecily got a shirt as well but she chose not to wear it.

We met Stitch and the girls thought he was funny.

He didn't talk but he did make a spitting sound. When he saw the Mickey Mouse on the front of Silas autograph book he spit and shook his head and then pointed to himself. He obvisously thought he was much better.

Epcot has unique flowers and bushes. One of Cecily's favorite movies is The Lion King and so we made sure to take photos with these.

Next Shiloh took Cecily on a space ride and Clara and Silas and I hung out here for a bit.

Silas loves trash day at home and he really like this station to play at. You enter into computers the amount of trash your family uses and then follow it from the trash can all the way until you turn it into a golf course. They were a little too young but the liked to push around the mini dump truck that takes your trash from place to place.

Shiloh came and picked up Clara and took the girls to ride test track. It's a car ride and you go really fast around a track. Basically a roller coaster disguised as a car.
Silas was too small so he had a frozen banana covered in chocolate. It wasn't that great. He didn't eat much of it. I think it would've been better if the banana was fresh.

Epcot has added Nemo to its list of attractions and so we went on that ride. I like the family rides at Disney because the lines go really fast. They have all the rides on conveyer belts and the loading zone and unloading zone are at different places. So when you get on you step onto a moving belt and hop into your slow moving car and the same when you get off. This way even if there is a line you never stop walking because people are constantly getting off the ride as well as on.

The nemo ride projected images from the movie onto real aquariam tanks. When we got off the ride we were inside a building with aquariams. There were dolphins and we watched for awhile. In the same building there was a show called Turtle Talk With Crush. Crush is the turtle from Nemo. They have all the children sit up front on the carpet while the parents sit on benches in the back. There is a huge screen and Crush appears. He is a digital image but he talks directly with the kids and depending on what they say depends on what he does. He talked to one little boy and then he said to the lady who moves the microphone around the audience "I see a little girl with a pink shell and light brown fur on the top" He was talking about Clara! She had on a pink shirt and the fur was her hair. The lady brought the microphone over and they had a conversation that was something like this.
"What's your name little dudet?"
Then Cecily says "No!" and she whispers to Clara to say it louder.
Clara says it again but she says it funny so from my bench I yell out "It's Clara!"
"Ooooooh Clara! Nice to meet you where are you from?"
Again crush and the mic lady have no idea what she is saying. Cecily is whispering for Clara to say Texas instead. I don't know if all this got worked out or not. Then Crush asks who brought her to Disney World. She says Charline because Charlie drove us to the airport. Cecily is whispering frantically in her ear that it was Mommy and Daddy and they have a "No, Charline" "No,Mommy and Daddy" moment. Then Crush asks for Clara's parents to raise their hands.I raised my hand as I silently willed for Shiloh to be spotted first. We got seperated in the crowd and he was sitting alone by the wall. But the show must go on so I raised my hand and of course Crush saw me first. The mic lady comes over and Crush asks "How many offspring do you have?" I tell him three and a half. He exclaims "I have sixty five!" then he did a spinning happy dance and exclaimed "This is so cool! Do you see what just happened Clara's mom? We like totally bonded!" We talked a bit moreand he used this oppritunity to teach us that turtles have all the same sex babies with each litter. So all boys or all girls.
It was really cute. I couldn't take pictures because it was too dark and Shiloh didn't think to film it but out of all the attractions we did film a bit of I wish we had this one.
At the end of the show Crush told all the kids to say Dude to their parents for the rest of the day. Luckily the girls didn't remember to do this.

After we were Nemo-d out we went to the other side of the park to tour the world. We kind of walked past the first couple of countries not knowing that you go up inside things to find attractions. We were hungry and had decided to eat in Germany.
The girls spotted Snow White up in a corner giving out autographs. As soon as we got into line they told us that Snow White was just about to go get some tea and she would be back in fifteen minutes. We decided to wait it out. All except one family left the line.
The girls found these kids to wrestle in the grass with.

The fifteen minutes turned into about thirty and Silas and Clara couldn't help peeking to see if they could see her feet coming back.

Shiloh and Cecily waiting with the video camera.

Finally she came out and the kids got autographs and a photo of their first princess!

I think snow white is very pretty. She looks just like her to me. I wish I got my picture with her.

Finally we made it to the food in Germany.

While waiting in line I talk to a lady who told us that we missed the rides in both Mexico and Norway. So we ate and then backtracked. We also saw China where the girls posed like this.

I guess it's something they picked up from Mulan. We hoped to see Mulan here but couldn't find her.

We had a fastpass to ride one of the new rides and so we left the tour of the world area and headed back toward the front of the park where Shiloh spotted Aladin.
Clara was a bit grumpy by then and didn't want to go and meet him so Cecily braved it alone. You can see she is trying not to smile.

Silas and I had some cotton candy while we waited for Shiloh and the girls to come off a ride. He enjoyed some sitting still time to roll his tractor around on an empty dining table.
I love this picture of him. The head tilt and the hair is just right. I only wish the flash had been working so it didn't turn out fuzzy.

Epcot was really fun but with so much to do we only covered about half on this day. We would be back later in the week though as this was one of the parks we thought we might like to visit twice.

Goodnight Epcot!

After we got back to the cabin I took a shower and was able to feel the baby move from the outside. Later on in bed it was really kicking and Shiloh was able to feel it for the first time.


CAB said...

Looks like loads of fun! Did you get to ride any slowwww rides? I rode a ride at Six Flags when pregnant w/one of ours....shhhhh, it was a slow kiddie ride, I think it was o.k.

Abbie said...

aww, thats so cool about Shiloh getting to feel the baby for the first time! It prlly really wanted out so it could enjoy Disney too. The Nemo show sounds awesome. Reading what Clara said sounded just like her in my head! haha :) I love the way she talks.