Sunday, May 13, 2012

Many Happy Returns (formerly known as) Weekly Remnants

It may seem a bit vague to you but to me it's the things about our days I wish most to remember. So skip it if you want of have a peek inside my dearest Diary.

Sunday May 6th

Week two of our new family 'keep the house clean' system is finished. Silas won and got to choose the family activity for the evening. He chose to have a bonfire. We s'more'd it up.

We did a lot of work on our new garden. It's easy to get overly excited about 'free all summer' foods and snacks that you won't have to prepare umpteen times a day. Never mind the salad I'm already planning to eat in oh...say...July. It's beautiful in my mind.

Finished juice fast day 18. I started the re-awakening process of my digestive system by eating a spoonful of guacamole at dinner time.

Camille slept until 10:30 this morning for the second day in a row after going to bed at her usual time. 15 hour sleeps must mean she is turning into a toddler....overnight.

Monday May 7th

Finished reading The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo to Cecily during school tonight. She answered all the discussion questions in the back of the book really well. Good to know she was listening and learning while enjoying one of her favorite things. Having her legs and back scratched.

I ended my juice fast because I thought I should. Funny to eat when you aren't hungry. Funny to feel sad about ending it. Glad to not have to worry that all the carrots were eaten by the kids at dinner.

Played slap jack with Clara tonight for some one on one time. She thought she was teaching me some great new game. After that we made up a game together called sets of six. It's a bit like go-fish but you work to create sets that add up to six. I imagine you could play it with any number you like. The aces are worth 18 points. It means nothing except that Clara said they should be. Addition in very favorite kind of 'school' work.

Realized today it's only 12 days until I run my first half marathon. WHAT am I doing sitting around? Eeep. I think I got a little nervous just then.

Is apple cider vinegar supposed to be carbonated? I think ours may be bad. Tasted bad!

Tuesday May 8th

Found a great new way to use apple cider vinegar...expired or no. Put some in a glass add a couple drop of dish washing detergent and stir. Set it near your fruit bowl or compost bowl or both (huh,now I can quit moving mine from place to place by simply making another. I  am a genius just now) and all those curious little fruit flies or gnats as we call them will crawl in and sink never to buzz again. I don't mean to be morbid.

I researched natural organic ways to get rid of fleas because our cat Dinah is suffering and not allowed inside at the moment. I discovered diatomaceous earth. It's super amazing. Seriously I'm still trying to find something I can't use it on. Smoothies?

Told Camille let's go inside for a minute. She looked over her shoulder at me and said with thinking eyes uuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmm... and then continued to go about her business. Well,at least she thought about obeying. We all know it's the thought that counts.

Tuesdays I get to stay at home all day. Sometimes I nap on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are sweet to me.

Wednesday May 9th

Got to spend all day with my homie John. We drink tea and eat salad. It's what we do. Since like ten years ago. We can't squeeze in movies anymore so instead we marvel at each others gardens.

I think I wrote my first estimate at the shop today. I only had to walk outside three times to check something on the car. I'm practically a pro.

Cecily is amazing. I love our new one on one night school routine. It's exactly as it should be that learning stuff.

Clara took her carrot pear juice out to play and tripped and spilled. Came in heart broken. Because you got hurt? NO! Because your juice is gone? NO!  What,Clara? Because it's all over my tutu!!! She washed,changed and I made her some yogurt with mango and chia seeds instead. Dinner on the fly. All was happy in the land of Clara once more.

Ran for the first time since beginning my juice fast back in April. Kept up a good pace for a short run. Mile and a half in fifteen minutes and some change. Feels great to be back! Gonna keep sucking up beet juice and see how that endurance level builds. Who doesn't love extra oxygen?

Thursday May 10th

Granny's day. We go and spend the day every Thursday with my Granny. She makes us lunch. I clean up the mess. The last three times we've visited I have not eaten lunch with them because I was exclusively juicing. This Thursday I was not but preparing for my big run I knew I did not want to eat what ever southern country food my Granny would make and I knew they would scoff at whatever food I would offer to bring. So I took food for myself. My current favorite salad. I took a big salad and dumped it into a big bowl of Granny's. They laughed when I said next week maybe I would bring enough to share. Not because they don't eat salad but because of the size of my bowl.

Instructions for my newest obsession

mix together:
dark leafy greens and spinach for a base
purple cabbage
home grown sprouts (any kind will do)
dried cranberries
raw cashews
drizzle with Kroger brand olive oil and vinegar salad dressing

indulge,die,go to heaven

The toys at Granny's house stay at Granny's house much to Camille's dismay. Each week she lugs around the same baby doll and each week she cries when we pry it from her fingers. On the way home today she said with her super whiny back of the throat voice 'bebe,bebe,bebe'. I tried to comfort her as I drove. I tried  to explain to her many different ways that the baby has to stay so that she will be there the next time...and 'we are going home right now and can get one of your babies'. It didn't matter. She tried telling me in just as many ways that she wanted that baby. 

'Mommy Mommy, bebe bebe bebe bebe bebe bebe'
'Mommy Mommy, bebe bebe dah bebe bebe dah' (baby doll)
'Mama. Nanny Papa bebe bebe bebebebebe NannybebebebeMamaNannybebeeeeeeee' (Granny and Papaw's baby)

Yes,she played the part of the smallest piggy toe alllllllllllllll the way home. Crying not wee wee but be-be. She said it approximately 1,457 times. 

Silas was very proud today to finally fill his 'stay all night in your bed' sticker chart. He got to go on a special 'just me and him' date to choose a treat. He chose to go shop at cracker barrel. He chose little light up finger lights in an assortment of colors and some of those waxy bottle things you sip and chew. He gave Clara a hug before we left and said 'Bye Clara I love you' and he had tears in his eyes. He loves his sister. Right now he and Clara can be found anytime side by side giggling. They are even sharing a room,which has something to do with Silas' success of filling his chart.

Shiloh finished putting all the pickets on our new fence. Now we just need some gates and Camille can be sent out to play along with the big kids.

Finished up another book with Cecily. Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective. I remember reading that when I was about her age.

Friday May 11th

Spent the day with multiple friends sipping tea.

Secured another great sitter. It feels good to go out guilt and worry free.

 Finally got my beloved Chipotle even if we did have to inhale it. Saw Avengers with some of  the group. Apparently missed something about Captain America. Missed the rest of the group too.

Picked up Cecily at one in the morning from a party. Said she upon entering the house to a roomful of our friends 'I had TWO cokes!' Big day for her. :) She brought her siblings some treats as requested.

Saturday May 12th

Slept until 11:30. (that has to be some kind of Mommy record) Chilled with a couple of out of town siblings. Shopped for a birthday present. Unintentionally bought a very similar present as another friend. Ran a good run. Quad C's and arm hangs,push ups and one steep driveway. Then swimming and cupcakes, hot tub and hot potato, frogs and beetles, grape soda and coffee, giggles and smiles, frisbee and apples to apples, macaroni and sausage, reminiscing and musing, polka dots and sprinkles, Blake and Abbie's, hugs and high fives.

Home at 3am but no sleep at all. Did I already say coffee?

Overall had one rough,shocking,inspirational,funky,awesome,unforgettable night. You might have had to be there to understand.

These are the things from this last week I don't want to forget and so I write them down and press them into the pages of my blog so that on rainy days I can come back for a quick peek of some warm memories.

...aaaaaaaaaand It's Mother's Day! May many happy memories fill your day both old and new.


Ceridwen said...

I love your weekly remnants. I'm glad they are back.

Desiree said...

I leave sighing and thinking "she has such a sweet life".