Sunday, May 27, 2012

Many Happy Returns

Monday May 21st

Camille woke up calling 'Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy' When I went to her she was standing in her crib arms folded and hanging over the side rail. I love Camille.

Answered a cry for help over at a friend's blog by making up a word for her new super amazing life work. You can find my word here and also read about her upcoming adventure. I love adventures.

Learning about more and more people everyday who are inspired to juice fast or run because of me and my fellow roadrunners. I'm BIG on connecting with people. It's the reason I wanted to travel to Ethiopia,one reason I blog,and something I value a lot within my relationships. I love people.

Making new friends around the world,across the nation or right in my own town (I've done all three very recently) makes me happy and inspires me to keep learning and growing and makes me more open to all kinds of people. I love friends.

It seems like much longer ago than just 2 days that I was running 13.1 miles. I love my medal. *big cheese grin*

Tuesday May 22 nd

A strange-ish day around here. Ever hear something you aren't sure how to react to?

Grandma has made sure all 7 cousins will be sleeping in coordinating prints.

I tried to run but found my knees not quite recovered. I worked out my arms instead.

Chai tea with friends is good. And yummy. I know because I've had it twice in the last two days.

Silas is a good big brother. Today he taught Camille how to get down stairs when she was too stubborn frightened to do it on her own. He sang a little song and hopped a little Tigger down along side her.

Wednesday May 23rd

Today I'm just...quiet. That's not so strange is it?

But I do remember this. Silas was being tickled by a friend. He stopped the torture and Silas pointed out his many owies. The friend pointed out a bruise on Silas' leg and asked what happened. Silas casually remarked 'Oh,that's just a gray spot'

Oh,of course. We should have known.

Thursday May 24th

Clowned around on bikes at Granny and Papaw's house with the kids.

Paid off my credit card and with my points I'm itching to go to Disney again.

Friday May 25th

Told Clara today (playfully) to zip your lips and Silas chimed right in with "Yeah and close your eyes and glue them shut!"

Visited legoland with the kiddos and had a fun time but learned that our kids aren't really into legos...yet? They wanted much more to go across the mall to the aquarium. The aquarium wanted an arm and a leg for the aquarium entrance fees so we decided to keep our appendages and drive back home.

Played a bit of island tag then went and winged it up at Buffalo wild wings. They have sports all over the walls there.

Saturday May 26th

Silas came in too early for a cartoon morning (especially after an island tag night) and said "Look,Mom! It's magneted to me!" I pried my eyes open and saw part of a safety pin stuck to his thumb. "Oh,how'd you do that,Bub?" "I just stuck it through a little piece of my skin!" "That's nice go watch cartoons....zzzz"

Had some mentally draining conversations. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

Didn't do a single constructive thing to the house. Happy that tomorrow is still the weekend!

Sunday May 27th

Shiloh took the kiddos and I'm at home all day cleaning and doing laundry.

Oh and playing my own version of words with friends. Two friends. Lots of words.

Hope you all had a memorable week as well!

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