Monday, May 21, 2012

Many Happy Returns

Sunday May 13th

Happy mothers day to me. Things that made me feel special today were going to bed at 8:30 am and then sleeping until 11:30. Waking up to an omlet (as requested) and some grapefruit juice. Some roses and a round of hand made cards. Silas kept repeating over and over as I opened the cards one by one 'It's a weally monster a weally monser!I drew a weally monster!' He always replaces an R sound with a W sound and I couldn't figure out why his grammer was so bad 'It's a really monster a really monster. I drew a really monster...?' That doesn't make sense... I looked at the drawing and then it made sense. It was a stick-ish monster with circles all around the perimeter. Oh,a wheal-y monster. Of course.

My friend texted me happy mother's day x 4. He is a friend that doesn't text often and it was special.

Cecily went home with my parents and took a bag packed all by herself. I don't know if she took enough clothes but I imagine she will make it just fine. Grandmommy has a washing machine.

Monday May 14th

Spent the day dressed in Shiloh's clothes cause mine were ALL dirty. When I say all I mean anything I would want to wear.

Woke up to a strangely quiet house at 10:30. TEN THIRTY?!? okay now I'm awake. Went searching for children and found Clara had used quite an elaborate system that involved a kitchen stool next to Camille's crib to get her up,feed her cereal in her high chair and then dress her complete with shoes. Silas made his own breakfast too and I was oblivious to it all. On the to do list is fix the baby monitor.

Took Clara for a pedicure treat. She love the massage chair and has added -Massage Chair to her birthday list along with -Pet Mouse. She chose dark blue with zebra stripes on her toes and dark blue with glitter on her fingers.

I chose glitter only.

Tuesday May 15th

Again Clara played Mommy and I slept in. Thinking about taking fix the monitor OFF the to do list. Perhaps I need to go to bed earlier?

Bought some eggplant,cauliflower and yellow bell pepper for the garden. It's gets addicting growing foods and plants. Just wait 'till I find some on sale strawberry plants.

Wednesday May 16th

Had one of those just need to get out of the house days. It had something to do with waking up to find the kitchen swarming with flies. Did you know I detest flies?

Ohhh I should get a venus fly trap...yup addicted.

Got a nice surprise on my face book wall. And another in my e-mail inbox. It's good having friends all over the nation. It makes my insides toasty.

Thought it about time I hop on the skinny jeans boat. And so I did. One big roll,a pair of Sanuks and I'm good to go all summer.

Thursday May 17th

Packed for our out of town half marathon. Didn't want to forget running shoes,shin sleeves,camelback,honey stix,extra hair bands,and a few good clothes and accessories.

Eyebrows are waxed,I shaved my legs and I'm as aerodynamic as I'll ever be!

ROAD TRIP!!! Loaded up the swagger wagon with five great friends,pumped up the music and sang our way all the way to MO. I seriously felt 15.

Friday May 18th

Went to the grocery store with the girls to fill our home away from home with foods to prepare. Asking questions in MO proves to be an interesting experience over and over again. Chugged water all day. Four runners went through 5 gallons of water in 24 hours.

Visited a wax museum and posed with the stars. Stumbled our way through a house of mirrors and laughed at images of ourselves in curvy mirrors.

Self inflicted a 9 pm bedtime on ourselves while the non runners went out jerky shopping.

Saturday May 19th

Woke up at 2:15 in the MORNING to drive two hours to our first half marathon in Joplin MO.

Met a trained killer.

Ran our hearts out. Had an unexpected emotional experience at the end. Decided to wear our medals ALL day despite what anyone would think.

(planning to blog our run to bits as soon as I get my photos)

Stayed awake for  24 hours in the name of hanging out...since we can't just do that back at home in Sherman.

Sunday May 20th

Left Missouri. Texas bound.

Decided the best pit stop on the way home would be hiking in the mountains.  I could barely manage stepping off a curb for sore muscles and joints but figured a little rock climbing would be just what the Dr. ordered.

Entertained ourselves by impersonating each other. Almost died from laughter on the way home. Someone should do a reality show about us. Seriously.

Brought home giant pickle souvenirs for the family.

My mind is spinning about future blog posts. But at least for now I have recorded these moments.


Laura said...

LOVE. Sounds like a barrel of laughs. And can your kids totally take care of themselves while you sleep? I laughed so hard when I read that. Awesome. Once Peter and Ezra got chairs and reach up high to get the cereal and there was milk on the floor and.....but they survived. :) lol Good job on the run!

heather said...

Wow! Congrats on the half-marathon! I am in awe. The road trip sounds like a hoot!

heather said...

Wow! Congrats on the half-marathon...I am in awe! Sounds like the road trip was a hoot!