Friday, April 27, 2012


I felt like blogging.

 I told Shiloh to pick a number. (7)

I counted out the seventh folder in my terribly unorganized photo file folder.

 I asked for another number. (12)

 I counted to the twelfth photo and decided I would blog all about that photo.

 I was less than thrilled.

I got a much too dark photo of notes.

And then I remembered.

This photo was taken sitting in a basement type meeting room inside a hotel at a photography workshop. Using a camera lent to me by my friend Ross. Sitting next to my sister-in-law Abbie.  Listening to my friend Jennifer teach. While my other friend Missy waited upstairs for us to finish our lessons.

I learned about shutter speeds and iso's and f-stops and other such terminology that still makes my brain twist around just a very lot little bit.

And I remembered how we finished our lessons and all met up and walked to Chipotle to eat. I remember a conversation I had with Jennifer about what it might be like to visit Africa as she had done and was gearing up to do again.

I remembered that since that conversation I couldn't get the notion of actually going to Africa out of my mind.

I remembered that whole running girls weekend. I remembered eating out at 'new places only' restaurants. 'Cept for Chipotle (NEVER say no to Chipotle) and Marble Slab. I remembered extra bananas and roof top sitting.  Leaning too far over and does everyone smoke? Funny mind games and marching protests. Silly picture posing and excitement over shampoo. that it? Jogging shoe buying and closed already Starbucks. Garage parking and overnight bag hauling. Walking and walking and eating. Lots of eating.

Looking at that photo I know now exactly which dial to turn and button to push that would lighten that baby right up. Abbie taught me a cool cheater trick and my friend Laura who I met when I did indeed actually go to Africa gave me lots of good tips and how to's about my new camera.

I'm so glad


A) married Blake

B) introduced me to the word blog

C) showed me Jennifer's blog

D) loves photography like me and wanted to go to this class

Caution: throwback ---->Thanks,Abbie!


loaned me his camera


talked with me about how a mom of many small children could indeed travel outside the country continent


made it possibe for me to go


is such a photography expert and she was able to teach me how to get a handle on all that darn sun they have over in Ethiopia.

Everything just worked out so nicely. :)

All that from one boring black photo.

No wonder I didn't delete it.


Ceridwen said...

I loved this post. Loved it.

JoyfulOne said...

This is awesome. And do you ever forget anything? I wish I had that elephant brain of yours. Thankfully you guard some of my life's most important memories in there. I'm glad to know they're in safe-keeping.

Courtney said...

:) Of course I do. Ask me about a movie...any movie and I likely don't even know if I've watched it. There is some sort of mental block I've developed since getting married. I can remember movies I saw in my teen years better than what I watched last week.