Friday, April 6, 2012

Silas On Positive and Negative Behaviors

Silas started doing something yesterday that was a first for him. It took me a minute to realize that what he was doing was a new to him thing. I see his sisters do it all the time.

It was time to get into the car. He gathered up his green composition notebook and a pen before running out to get buckled up.

He carried it around for the rest of the day working on his drawings.

At one point he told me (as I was driving) to 'Look at my drawing,Mom'.

I told him 'Buddy,I'm driving and I can't look right,now can you tell me about it?'

I turned down the radio and tuned into his voice. This is what he said:

There are two forests. A big one and a small one. The big one is for all the good people. The small one is where the bad people live.

I thought he was pretty perceptive. I liked the way he separated good and bad into categories but I wanted to know more about what he was thinking. I asked him 'Who lives in the big forest?'


Then he continued:

Bad guys and robbers and...and...snapping turtles live in the small forest. 

I thought this was a little funny but didn't want to alter the course of the conversation by laughing so I was quiet until I could talk with out a smile. He continued before I responded.

But the snapping turtles can live in the big forest too. If they don't bite.


'So they can move from the small forest to the big forest?' I asked.

Yeah they can. If they do the right things and no biting.

And that is the insight of my four year old. What I take from this is that people can make their own choices but even if they have chosen things that led them down the path to the little forest they can always change course by making different choices and move on up to the big forest.

Now if only we could figure out a way to convince him that Indians are not for catching,cooking and eating. Indeed. I would hate for him to grow up to live in the small forest even if he does look pretty cute in stripes and behind bars.


jan Gibson said...

That is very insightful for a four year old and he is right on. We do make our own choices in life. Learn a life question from a little boy and choose the path to the big forest. Great drawing Silas. Grandmommy is very proud of you!

Laura said...

Wow, great conversation with a four year old. He sounds like such a fun kid. :) Interesting metaphors... And really cute photo!!