Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mommy's House Daddy's House

Mommy's house.

Daddy's house.

It sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book for helping kids cope with divorce....or something.

When we were in the process of moving Camille started calling our house Mommy's house and the shop Daddy's house.

I think it must be because Daddy spent most of his time there either working or remodeling our soon to be apartment. In her two year old mind it was where he pretty much lived.

Even now that we have been out of our house for six months she still asks to go back to Mommy's house.

They all do.

I thought they would have adjusted by now...

...but I digress.

I guess I can't blame them as I recently found myself thinking about my old house. On two recent trips back to my hometown I lined the kids up (first) in front of my old house and (second) in front of Shiloh's old house and snapped some photos.

It sort of gives a new meaning to

Mommy's House

Daddy's House.

You can see it's a very distinct story of Country Mouse City Mouse.

I find myself thinking about where I most want to live.

Right now it is definitely where we are. It's convenient,it's good for the budget,and it's freeing. 

I don't think it's forever though.

What I want is to travel around for a bit. See what grabs us. And then decide later. 

Life on the road for bits of each year is what we mostly want to do and that is what we are preparing for.

We have the truck to haul the trailer and all of us. We have a plan of saving up for the trailer and we have a plan of how to save up for it. 

More about that later,yes?

Life on the road. 
Any road. 

This road even.

It's a cute road. Who could blame me?


KarenTrina said...

Life on the road...that would be fun!

Courtney said...

I really really think so.