Friday, August 16, 2013

Sick and Tired

Sick and tired.

Also tired of sick.

This summer we have had some kind of cough that just won't quit.

No other symptoms just a cough that gags.

And there is vomit.

It gags and they can't breath and so they vomit.

Just mucus. 

It catches them by surprise and they rarely make it to the restroom.

There is an endless pile of towels,wash cloths,sheets and pillows to wash.

The coughing hasn't stopped but it has lessened.

As has the vomiting.

I thought they were well.

Then Camille tossed and turned one night with a fever and...vomiting.

The real kind.

Not just mucus.

Next day a runny nose.

Then Silas had a runny nose.

Then I left the house on errands and Shiloh said Cecily and Clara had been vomiting.

I came home,Cecily woke up and I tucked her back into bed.

Shiloh went to bed.  1 a.m. I went to bed.

Scratchy throat. Runny nose. Couldn't sleep.

I got up took some medicine and decided to look up some curriculum while I waited for my nose to dry up and my tongue to thicken.

While I waited Clara woke up.

Fever,chills,couldn't sleep.

I offered her some medicine,some kind of blue liquid that I don't ever want to give them but she needed relief to sleep.

I gave her 15 minutes for it to kick in then tucked her back in.

3 a.m. I went to bed,dozed off.

tap tap mommy

It was Cecily.

She couldn't sleep.

I got up,evaluated her symptoms,and gave her the blue stuff.

She was cold so we hunted up another blanket.

She wanted a shower.

I told her I was worried for her to be in the shower because I would be sleeping but allowed her to get in.

(There is no tub,just a flat floor)

I went back to bed,on the way feeling Camille for fever. I covered her arm that felt cool.

I was shivering but soon dozed off.

tap tap mommy

I want to get into the shower too.

It was Silas.

I blearily told him to get into mommy and daddy's shower (again no tub).

Dozed off.

tap tap drip drip

Silas again,dripping we hair.

Buddy,you can't sleep with me....I just need to sleep.

I get up (instantly freezing) and offer him some liquid smurf. 

There is something on the bottle about children under six,doctors,and liver damage.

 I quickly calculate how many days until his birthday,take his size into account and them half the dose.

He drank it and giggled at the apparent awful flavor.

Poor guy I didn't even tuck him back in.

With the ultimate goal of warmth and sleep (in that order) in mind I offered him a kiss on the head,told him to give it 20 minutes to start working (wondering if he even knew what that meant) and told him to tuck himself in.

Back in bed,shivering. I can't decide if morning would be a blessing or a curse and  I drift off.

Camille shrieked.

I opened one sandpaper eye.


a curse,make it stop

I didn't bother to get up and dozed off again.

Shiloh was there getting ready for work saying the kids would be fine. I sleepily texted and canceled all plans for the day.

I slept.

Until 12 noon I slept.

Cecily brought me in a sandwich and cherries.

I ate and then suddenly I felt rested.

 I got up. Cecily promptly took my warm spot and went to sleep.

 I warily walked into the living room expecting to find a trail of apple cores,cherry pits,and grape stems.

and ants eggs and bees legs and dried fried clam chowder

I was close.

 I found banana peels and flattened juice pouches. And one very snotty three year old.

I bathed her,threw on some laundry,put her to bed.

Cecily vomited in my bed.

I stripped my bed and sent Cecily to sleep in her bed.

Oldest and youngest sleeping.

The ipad occupies the middle two.

In 24 hours our family of six needs to be flying out with camping gear and everything we need to last 8 days.

I have washed one load of laundry and have pulled the tent off the shelf.

Somehow someway we will pull off this packing job and I will find a spare half hour to get that haircut that keeps eluding me,while hopefully managing to heal enough to fly with out the use of those little bags in the back of the airline seats.

We have to because I need a vacation.
But first I need a nap.

Right after I change the laundry...and find some appropriate bedding for my bed.

So tired of sick.

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