Sunday, April 27, 2014

1 2 3


Clara finally had her 1st lesson in Parelli horse training. Not only will she learn horse training in a humane way,she will also learn to ride and care for a horse. This is good since she has already opened her 1st savings account and one day plans to own her own horse ranch. 

 She sparkled the whole two hour lesson and was confidant around this animal that weighed 950 lbs more than her. Her teacher couldn't express enough that if this monster starts coming too close she didn't care what Clara had to do to get him to back up and she gave her lots of good tips. 

Silas lost his 1st tooth.

Followed a few hours later by his 2nd.

 You can't tell in these photos but his two permanent teeth had already come in,so no snaggle tooth here!

Cecily entered her 3rd tae kwon do tournament and won 1st in her kata. She tied her sparring match and it came down to "next point wins",she took home 2nd.  She is determined to bring home 1st next time.

Here is a video of her sparring match. She is in the black helmet but is "red". The boy in red is "white". She gets six consecutive points,then he follows suit. Tying it up at the end. They come down to next point wins and he takes 1st. What I really love is her 3rd kick.


9peasMom said...

Great to see photos of the kids and so many great things are happening. I'm interested in the horse training for Faith, I think she would love that.

Courtney said...

I can put you in contact with her teacher if you like. You can google Parelli to read about the method. Clara loves it to death.