Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Many Happy Returns

Monday July 16th

Today Shiloh and I talked about making some really big changes. I think we both feel good about them. I spoke with my brother and sister-in-law and dreamed of Ethiopian coffee. I made a phone call about something that I think will make things take a turn for the better. I read to all of the kids before bed from their own special books. 

With Cecily I'm reading The Enormous Egg, with Clara Florence Nightingale (oh I just realized Shiloh read with her tonight), with Silas The Phantom Tollbooth,and with Camille a variety of board books but for sure My Daddy and I by P.K. Hallinan...always 'Daddy eye' (which is what I imagine she thinks the title actually means)

We got that book from my baby shower when I was pregnant with Cecily. My sister threw it and had everyone bring a book in lieu of a card. I loved that idea. My Gram brought that one. Incidentally it is my Gram and Pawpaw's 52nd anniversary today. 52nd is a ordinal number. Cecily and I studied that in Life of Fred tonight. I love Life of Fred...which reminds me my friend Laura asked me for more home school ideas...and no my friend is not Laura Numeroff.

Thursday July 26th

It was Camille. In this photo. The jacket belonged to Cecily but the eyes they are blue. Only Camille and Silas have blue eyes.

Recently Cecily and Silas have had black eyes. And Silas and Clara have had busted open places on their faces that will leave scars. It's really just been such an eventful month. Oh well,I'll take busted lips or chins and black eyes over broken bones.

My computer is FULL of photos. My camera cards are FULL of more photos. Shiloh got me an external hard drive so I could transfer photos from my computer to it and then transfer photos from my cards to my laptop. Only now my laptop won't read my cards...so that's why I'm pulling random old photos and blogging about them. ;)

Here are more. (I'm picking randomly here)

Camille again. This time wearing one of Clara's old outfits. She's about six months old. Before she was a crawling pro. I especially love the one of her and Cecily. Here it is again.

***You may notice that these dates are not very current. I started to lag behind on blog work and just discovered I never posted this today when a friend commented on an older post. Oh well. Life goes on.

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