Friday, October 19, 2012

That Baby Piggy Doesn't Stand A Chance


She is two.

Did I mention that?

Today the girls had a party at the karate school. When we dropped them off I ran in quickly to let them know they were there. Camille wanted to go in too but I said no just wait I'll be right back.

She cried.

I came back.

She cried more. And louder.

I told her we were going to see Daddy.

So she started crying Daddy. Then screaming Daddy. And Mommy too.

And really I usually just roll with stuff like that.

But this girl is just so loud.

Where did that come from,that LOUD voice?

I don't love it.

I'm glad no one could ever steal her away. They wouldn't even want to mess with a set of lungs like hers.

They should record that voice and use it for car alarms.

Bottle it and use it to impress people at a side show in a circus somewhere.

Even the hard of hearing cringe when we stroll through Target.

So,all the way to the restaurant she screamed for Daddy and at Mommy. I looked into the rear view mirror about half way there,after I had tried to talk to her,and after I gave up using the radio to try to drown her out and saw she had thrown Night Night over her head so she could scream in private.


So we got to the restaurant and I decided I wasn't going to get her out until she said sorry.

I was a little mad.

I told her and she didn't care.

So I decided I didn't care.

So we sat there.

Silas tried to talk me into letting him say it for her.

Shiloh came and he couldn't convince her either. I sent him in with Silas.

I told Camille I wasn't changing my mind and that I don't like to be screamed at.

She eye balled me real good.

All teary like but I was unsympathetic.

I told her I wanted to go in and eat but she needed to sign sorry before we could go.

You do this by rubbing a closed fist in a circular motion on your chest.

And she can do it well.

I got close up to her once more and started my whole speech again when her little fist quickly gave a half little rub and her eyes glared a little sideways glare at me.

She wasn't happy.

I unsnapped her and she couldn't help a little smirk.

Did she just think she had somehow won?

I'm pretty sure I had won.

Didn't I?

I'm not big on forcing sorrys if their heart isn't in it but I thought she needed to learn sometimes you need to start with sorry before you can get anywhere.

Like out of your car seat.

And man I really hate her screaming at me while I'm driving.

Did I mention that?

So we went in.

The girl was FAMISHED.

She ate all her food and half of Shiloh's.

She was so quiet. Just a shovelin away.

When she was full she got down to play and was so so happy.

Then we left.

I carried her to the car and just as I reached out to open her door she grinned and looked at me and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed her chest with that same little fist.

And this time I think she meant it.

But mostly I think she just learned that that sign somehow makes me happy and maybe in that moment she did want to make me happy because on the way home...

she yelled.


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Laura said...

OH MAN!!!!! I am feelin' your pain. Why can't they just be logical and thoughtful and GROWN UP?!! Dude. I'm thinking you did the right thing by sticking it out and holding your guns. Hard stuff though. And it'll take some reminders, I bet. My Ezra needs SOOO many reminders before he finally gets it. Oh, courage to us all. Miss you. :)