Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sloppy Joes:Hold The Pickles {Vegan Dinner}



Here,I'll show you.

{cook:brown lentils}

{sautee: onion and red bell pepper}


In our pantry we have a bag of brown lentils mixed with rice that the kids play with. Usually they put it into a glass baking pan and roll cars around in it,but recently Camille has taken up 'cooking' and so I gave her some old yellow split peas and the rice/lentil combo along with some measuring spoons,cups, and bowls and let her cook freely at one counter so I could cook peacefully at the other. She made this.

{add canned tomatoes,tomato paste,ketchup,and this guy}


{oh dear}

{add these friends and some sugar as well,shhh}

{coming along}

{still occupied}

{not focused but still cute}

{mix together}

{tiny buns}


{I like the sweet pickles,but I'm the only one}

{wala: vegan sloppy joes}

No one complained. 
They didn't ban them from the 'make again list' though Clara did declare that 

"Mine has too much slop!"

I found real instructions here. Though I don't generally follow real instructions too closely,you might want to.


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heather said...

Sounds delish! I recently tried a meatless (lentil) meatloaf...we liked the taste, but it didn't turn out much like a loaf, more casserole-ish. If you'd like to try it, email me and I'll get the recipe and instructions [that you may or may not follow! :)] to you!
Have a wonderful day!