Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mexican Quinoa: a vegan lunch

Not too long ago I tossed together some ingredients I had lying around and created this:

It's so good ya'll.

These are my criteria when choosing a recipe.

-use ingredients that lie around
-must be quick
-must be simple
-must taste good
-must feed whole family as one dish


And actually since I made this up it was even easier. I didn't have to go back and forth from my laptop to the counter making sure I was getting everything right. I just thought about the flavor I wanted (Mexican) and gathered up everything I had on hand that I thought matched.

I started with a quinoa base.

Cooked it according to package directions. Rinsed some red kidney beans and tossed those together with the quinoa along with lime juice,California Dreamin (a Pensey spice...which is basically a mixture of Mexican spices),garlic,cilantro, avocado slices,and some chopped,fresh jalapeno peppers.

{please eat this}

it's the bomb diggity

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