Monday, July 16, 2012

Many Happy Returns

Thursday June 29th

I set a goal for myself today. It was totally impromptu and I hope it's achievable. I think it is and I'm living like it is until I prove myself otherwise. Which is NOT what I am trying to do.

We finally visited Yogurt Story today with some family. I think just because of the green chairs I prefer it to Cherry Berry. The only reason I feel compelled to compare the two is because I left the country for two weeks and came back and there they BOTH were. It's like they are in a competition already so I may as well make the comparison.

Camille these days?

She can sport these now. These were her very first pigtails.

She also speaks in twos. Mommydaddymommydaddymommydaddy. Her version of Grannypapaw sounds more like this Ninnypapa-ninnypapa-ninnypapa. She starts rattling it off as soon as we turn into their sub-division. As soon as we pull into any sort of drive thru she starts in with MmmmDUmmmmmDUmmmmmDU. Which is also what she chants when I get her up in the mornings. MmmmDU stands for food or eat (mmmmmm) and DU (do) is for drink or juice which is what she calls any drink or swimming pool or pond.

You should see her when we walk up to the pool. MommyDU MommyDU!!!

Yes,Camille I see the juice. Let's go swim!

She also says baby. A LOT!

Nighnighbebe-nighnighbebe if she is asking for her blankie and soft rattle doll or bebedah-bebedah if she wants any other baby doll.

Didn't notice until bedtime but baby-nigh-nigh seems to have vanished.

Tuesday June 3rd

As we were getting ready to go watch Sherman's big firework show I looked in the bottom of the closet way in the back for a pair of pants I thought I would try to wear. I hadn't been able to wear them *yet*. I didn't find them on a hanger which is why I was crawling around in the floor of the closet when I stumbled across long lost baby-nigh-nigh.

I was so super happy to scratch that off of things to be sad about from my list. I told Shiloh right away I found them and he got out of the shower super quick (which if you know him you know that is not normal) and we reunited Camille with her snugglys. She was perfectly content to lay on the front porch snugglin away and sucking her thumb until we actually left for fireworks.

Nap and bedtime just hadn't been the same without dear baby-nigh-nigh. She had adopted a substitute from our friends house but it wasn't really the same after all.

On the way to the show Silas said 'I wish we could watch fireworks in 3D'. I told him simply 'We can,bub.' and he was happy.

Wednesday July 4th

Today Silas said to one of the girls 'You did that on carpus!'

I giggled quietly and he asked me "Mom,what's 'on carpus?' "

'On purpose? That's when you do something intentionally. Like you meant to do it.'

Oh,well what's accident?

That's when you do something unintentionally. Like you didn't mean to do it.

Then he continued talking to himself and I kept hearing him compare the two words carpus and accident.

Later that day...

I overheard a conversation between Clara and Silas as they were picking up the living room.

It's purpose,Silas!

No it's carpus!

Clara laughed and laughed and said

I don't even know what carpus means,Silas! What is carpus anyway?

It's when you meant to do something,Clara!

No Silas, that's purpose!

Clara giggled and they went about their business.

Friday July 5th

Went out to help plan a romantic date for two friends. Fine china in an old falling down gazebo. Exactly my style.

Saturday  July 6th

Put the finishing touches on the romantic one year anniversary date. Decided to do something big for my birthday tomorrow. Hint: it's sparkly and semi-permanent. Watched Camille play in the shower from the living room. She opened the curtain and called me. When I didn't go she got a cup of water and poured it onto the floor.

 I used my super stern voice and said Camille! No,ma'am!

Of course being the two year old that she almost is she quickly scoops up another cup full and dumps it out in the same spot. I opened my mouth and Shiloh quickly got up to go in there and the little twirp you know what she did? She said (and I quote) 'na-na-doo-doo'

Which in Camille speak means 'nana nana boo boo'


Oh dear.

It was so funny and so not funny.

And now I must go and plan my birthday menu of events tomorrow. I'm getting a jewel!

Saturday July 7th



the end

Sunday July 15th

Sometimes you know how you just want to do something snotty but you don't because you don't really want to and then you are glad you didn't but you kind of still want to anyway?

In other news (ahem) Cecily had a run in with a dog today. She is okay but late last night when she was still up Shiloh and I had her sit with us to see how she was feeling. She is fine but a little nervous to be around this certain dog. While we were chatting we talked about all the animals Grandma has. There is one cat called Lokey. He's a little feisty and he sometimes hisses at the kids.

We spent the night there not too long ago and Lokey found his way into our room. We awoke to find him sitting on his perch staring down into Camille's pack-n-play. I got nervous that he was about to preform a swan dive into her bed and so I tried to shoo him out. He was batting at me and so I woke Shiloh to get him out. He meowed loudly when Shiloh tried to lift him and ran back to his perch. Shiloh put his hands into the legs of his jeans he picked up off the floor and grabbed him that way so he wouldn't get scratched.

As we talked with Cecily we told her of that story and she told us she thinks Lokey is freaky. She doesn't like sleeping in the guest room because Lokey spends his night gazing at her atop his perch. Shiloh then told her what type of cat he was and told her that those cats tend to be a little different. He had one when he was young he thought was crazy. I asked Cecily if he Lokey lets her pet him. She said no. I asked if he lets Grandma pet him. She said 'Oh yeah! Grandma plays with him a lot. She just makes sure to put her gloves on first.'

Shiloh and I died. For some reason the thought of his mom putting on gloves in order to be able to interact with her cat seemed hilarious. Perhaps because Lokey is quite a meanie and tends to scratch even the hand that feeds him. Our laughter sent Cecily into hysterics and when we settled down I asked her if she knew what was so funny. She didn't which set us off again. Again we settled down but kept talking of cats in general. Shiloh told Cecily that cats who are abused as kittens might grow up to be really mean and not let people near them. It was quiet for a minute us all thinking about the seriousness of someone abusing a kitten and then Cecily spoke.

'I wonder what happened to Lokey?'

And then she laid back and rolled in the floor with laughter. Her delivery was perfect. Like in Mary Poppins when they have to think sad thoughts to be able to come down from the ceiling. It's quiet for a second and then they just can't help giggling some more Shiloh and I laughed and laughed and I was only able to squeak out 'She made a joke!' we laughed until I had tears and if any of us looked at one another we would laugh some more.

When we finally got it together I asked her again if she knew what was so funny and she said 'yes' and still laughing told me 'because Grandma had Lokey since he was a kitten!!'

I'm not sure if she intended for it to be a joke. I think not. But as soon as it left her mouth she realized how absurd to think Grandma would do any harm to a poor little kitten and then she realized just how funny what she said sounded. What was most funny to me was the way she made herself laugh. Though Clara is usually the joke teller Cecily has been laughing since she was only a couple of days old and has never stopped.

I'm enjoying her nocturnal ways.

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