Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Road Trip Part 2

We messed around after lunch for a while before heading to the wax museum. There was ping pong, checkers,pool,and puzzles.

The wax museum was super fun. Kind of eerie. All those waxy celebrities looking all different in real life.

When we walked in guess who we ran into first?

Get it? It was fitting considering the whole reason for our trip. Sometimes we say we are 'just Gumping it' if we are going to run a long distance.

Watch out. We who never need an excuse to act silly were given plenty of chances while we toured these waxy creations.

         Remembering that we were supposed to overuse the word halvsies I couldn't resist snapping these.

 I know it's hard to tell who that is serving ice cream. But take a closer look to his face on the right. That's right Mr. Hunk 'O Hunk O' Burnin Love himself.
 Oh Mister Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllson!! Yeah we made sure to do lots of menacing things here.
The boys did not want to pose with these racers. They were like no grumble pout kick stomp grrrrrr. We went round and round with them....and then they did it anyway. They are winners. Someone get them a trophy.
I wanna be Kate,no me,no me...That didn't happen. We all shared Leo to pieces. And John's drunken sailor is the best.

All I have to say about these last three is: if my pants were a little looser I would've chambered that kick way better...

...that face looks eerily similar to my 'I just completed a half marathon face'...

...and Charlie,if you're ever in the neighborhood....We are so hard-core.  

The house of mirrors was fun too. It was my first time through one and it was tricky...until I figured out if you see yourself then just don't go that way. It sounds easier than it looks.
 Here we are getting in some pre-run activities,loosening up a bit.
Silly runners.

Then it was back to the hotel for some pasta (again?) or some ceasar salad with spinach. And more water. Four runners and two cheerleaders went through 5 gallons of water in 24 hours. We take our hydration very seriously. Some of us take our pasta very seriously. One of us is scared of carbs and eats lots of lettuce.

The runners turned in early (it was 9-ish) and Blake and John went out beef jerky shopping. Or something. We anticipated not being able to fall asleep but the next thing we knew it was 2:15 am. Time to rise and shine. Yawn....

                                             No statues were harmed or even touched on purpose during the duration of our tour.

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