Monday, February 27, 2012

A No Photo Post

It's a hard thing to blog with out my own computer. I really want to share photos of what in the world I am up to but only one friend here with me has a card reader on her laptop and if she is using it I can not.

We have been busy.

We have lounged at the hotel.

We have visited the rual village of Mageladi.

I have typed e-mail after e-mail of updates and either lost them of lost half of them.

I have had coffee and avocado juice for breakfast.

I have filled my 16gb camera card with photos.

We have been to Harar and sneezed in the spice market.

We have been eating with our fingers.

We have photographed countless children who just want to see themselves.

We laugh and laugh when someone tries and pronounces an amharic word wrong.

We visited a coffee farm.

We point our every goat and donkey that blocks the road.

We did not buy a chicken from a boy at the market.

We found out they have rabbits and ducks at the local zoo.

We didn't wait around for darkness to try and spot some hyenas.

We sang father Abraham and did all the motions.

I want to share what we are doing here.

I'll try again.


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