Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We added some red ornaments to our tree.
We bought elf hats with jingle bells on them.
We spinkled a whole bag of tinsle to add some sparkle.
We made a secret surprise for Cecily and Silas hidden in the branches.
One of us got a special gift from a special friend.
We decorated gingerbread houses and ate too many chocolate pretzles and played chubby bunny and created good memories.
Today we rested and played too many video games. But yesterday was good.


Ceridwen said...

Cute pictures. What's chubby bunny?

Courtney said...


Chubby bunny is where you take turns putting marshmallows in your mouth and saying 'chubby bunny'. Whoever can stuff the most wins.

*keep a spitting bag handy