Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Wonderfull Road Trip to MO Day Five

Day Five: Wednesday March 18, 2009

If you would like to read from day one please scroll down and read up.

This morning we again woke up to the smell of cigarette smoke and slowly got ready hoping the man with the general store tour would call saying he would take us through. He did! We drove on out to the spot and saw an amazing 1790's trading post.

This was were Indians would come and trade their furs for almost anything they wanted. The man showing us all the awesome things, had dug up many items that were once used here. I won't bore you with all the details but its called the Charrette if you care to research it for yourself. Defiantly worth the side trip.
We had a small picnic on the ground outside here and then made our way to St.Louis.

Driving directly to the arch we went inside expecting a ride to the top only to find out they were sold out. Sold out of rides? Deciding to ask about advance tickets the following day I was able to purchase them and schedule an early accent. Not wasting our time on this day we looked around the museum here and the gift shops where we found a frozen Charlotte doll like the one found on the Arabia, and she was less than half the price here than at the Arabia's gift shop. Score!

We wanted to take a ride on a steamboat down the river but were disheartened when we realized that it was just a regular diesel boat with fake paddle wheels. We skipped that and opted to play at Turtle playground in Forest Park instead.

This was fun. The girls could actually fit inside this turtles mouth. We took our picture here with film. If you come to my house I will show it to you. :) The temperature dropped while we were here and so we drove around to a restaurant that was also in the park called The Boathouse.

It was right on the lake and had ducks to feed. It seemed we would be feasting here. The girls made sure to save every pizza bone and crouton for the ducks. While we fed them Shiloh asked our waiter for a nice part of town to stay in and we happened upon a nice hotel called the Drury Hotel that had renovated an old YMCA building.

It had a pool and breakfast,the character of the building was a bonus. A good swim and off to bed we go.

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CAB said...

Day 5 looks great, I may find time one of these days to read about the rest of the trip, but for now, I'll be glad I had time to read about this day!